Susy’s Gallery


Designs of any kind have caught my eye since...well forever. I make them, I collect them and often I sell them. They can be made of wood or paper...that is my favorite. Early on I was an avid user of construction paper and cray pas. My grandfather kept me in a steady supply. Later this moved to glitter and glue. Then came the magic of the compass and toys from Creative Playthings. That is what came before...

Snippets of My Life

Every day we see amazing designs. This is how I would like to share them with you.


I have been working hard to create a useful website for kids to use to find links to educational but fun websites. The site I created has been used over 1500 times and it just keeps getting better. I've got links to educational games to reinforce classroom skills in a variety of subject areas including math, language arts and social studies as well as some sites to help find great iPad apps and even keyboarding activities.

Check it out by clicking here or on the image I created with these adorable children at play!

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